Keeping Skin Supple And Clear: Five Tips

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Like many, your skin's appearance can be a source of concern for you, but beyond washing and moisturizing there might not be much else you do for it. With attention to the five tips here, you can preserve and beautify your skin.

Drink Water

Water can seem boring sometimes, but it is still one of the most essential things to do if you'd like nice, supple skin. Water is in each body cell you have; insufficient water stores make for sickly cells that are unable to multiply properly and create young, vibrant new cells. If your skin is constantly dry, dull or shadowy, inadequate water consumption could well be the biggest reason.

Cut Down on Coffee

Starting your day with dark or sweetened coffee can sabotage your skin and in fact, put you at risk for developing acne. In fact, it can increase the body's natural stress responses, putting the body into an inflamed state, which could ruin your skin. Not only that, but coffee often contains mycotoxins that make acne more likely to form. Coffee can also alter the body's ability to adequately handle the hormone insulin, which might ultimately affect sweat production and other skin issues. Work on drinking less coffee each day or giving it up entirely.

Eat Well

Another thing you could be doing that will manifest on your skin is eating horribly. When you're eating tons of sugary or fried foods, you might find that your skin erupts with acne all over. If that bothers you, try to stick with better foods like steamed vegetables and lean, grilled meats.

Reduce Stress

After trying many things to improve your skin, you may be puzzled if you still see acne. It's possible that you need to find regular ways to calm down and deal with stress in a better way. Stress can keep the body in a heightened state of inflammation in which acne is able to flourish. 

Change Pillowcases

When washing bedspreads and sheets, sometimes pillowcases are overlooked. However, you should remain aware that oils and sweat from your face can settle into each pillowcase you use. As a result, even if you shower before you go off to sleep, your clean face will lay on unclean pillowcases which could transfer oils and sweat onto it. Ensure you're washing and rotating pillowcases often.

After using a few or all of the suggestions here, you may want to consult a doctor skilled in dermatology. They may recommend serums, injections or in-office procedures that can further preserve your skin.